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Our Delicious Story

Raindrop Ice cream started in 2018 with the aim to making Ice cream with high premium quality ingredients at an affordable price. To make the ice cream we use 100% natural ingredients and pure full cream fat milk.

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Made with Natural Flavours

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They All Love Our Food

"I'm so glad to finally find a well made authentic Indian product in Cairo. Raindrop's kulfi is the real deal! It has helped me overcome my kulfi cravings throughout the year."
- Sarah Khanna
"One of the best ice cream places I've tried. It is literally the realest ice cream I've tasted and it's extremely delicious. My first time there and surely not the last! "
- Bouthaina Hossam
"Good quality ice creams and milk shakes here."
- Hussain Bharmal
"I tried a few of Raindrop’s products, quality & flavor definitely stood out. The mango, lotus & ferrero rocher were some of my favorites; strong flavor and all had a nice creamy consistency. The kulfi was another special treat, first time trying it and found the portion quite convenient."
- Omar Shabrawy